Our Pastor

Dr. Herbert B. Robinson, Jr., Pastor

Dr. Herbert B. Robinson, Jr., Pastor
Dr. Herbert B. Robinson, Jr., Pastor

Pastor Robinson is a spirit filled, anointed, licensed and ordained preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His personal goal is to preach the gospel, teach the Word of God, and serve the people. This gift from God was sanctioned by the tutelage he received from his mentor and father, the late Reverend Herbert B. Robinson, Sr.

Pastor Robinson is sure and excited about his calling. Before joining the True Love Church family he was the shepherd of The Peace and Good will Baptist Church for 9 years. His pastoral care for the people helped him develop strong relationships and build a congregational spirit that saw many spiritual gains. His love for people along with his vision for spiritual and church growth, his leadership and sound doctrine has led many lost souls to Christ as well as strengthened soldiers already on the battlefield. Pastor Robinson continues to demonstrate this same spirit at his present home, True Love Missionary Baptist where he shares his vision and knowledge of the word to all that will hear. He accepted this pastoral call from the Lord and is now leading us to the next level of Worship and Praise.

Pastor Robinson is equipped with the Word of God. Along with the Word of God, God has allowed him to complete graduate studies at the Masters level in Pastoral Counseling. In June of 2009, he graduated from the Ecumenical Theological Seminary with a Doctor of Ministry. He ministers to the people of God in this role as therapist, counselor and Chapel minister.

Pastor Robinson is the proud father of three children.

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