The Importance of the Lord’s Supper Table

The Lord’s Supper Table is a very important part of our Christian faith. The only ordinances of our church are baptism and the Lord’s Supper, or as it is often called communion. 1 Corinthians 10:15-30 presents us with an understanding of how sacred and holy the Lord’s Supper table is to the Christian church. It is a celebration that is to be honored, glorified, and reverenced as often as possible. Every saved person should anticipate and desire to participate in this fellowship with other saints because it strengthens our faith in Christ as we wait for His return for our souls.

The apostle Paul warns the newly converted people of Corinth about compromising the sacredness of the communion with the world. That means that we have an obligation to safeguard and protect our way of understanding and worship from the enemies who come to steal, rob, and destroy. Let’s not confuse the Lord’s Supper table with other tables of the world, especially that table of the demons. Instead of learning about other tables of the world, study the real table and all the others will expose themselves to you. Other tables of the world are not the same as ours and it is important for us to separate ourselves from heathens, idolatrous and immoral man-made practices.

We must maintain our principles by standing on the Word of God. Compromising our integrity about the Lord’s Supper Table is not optional. We must continue to be conscience and concerned about the godless world around us. We cannot be so high and lifted up that we are foolishly ignoring the ways of the world. The world tries to emulate what we do as the church to persuade wishy-washy Christians to forsake Christ and follow them. This Christian life is not as difficult as it may seem and it is very rewarding in the present and future.

This faith that we are in can be reduced to simplicity by remembering a game I learned as a child. The game was called “Follow the Leader”.

Therefore, as the leader of True Love Missionary Baptist Church, who follows Jesus Christ, I hope that you will follow me as the leader that the Lord has placed over this church. As the leader, I say to all of you in our great, growing church family, remember to come and worship on the first Sunday of each month to celebrate in reverence and sacredness, the blessed opportunity to meet with me at the Lord’s Supper table for fellowship. May this enrich, empower, and encourage you to trust in the Lord with all thine heart.

God bless

Dr. H. B. Robinson, Jr.